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Creationism is Common Sense

Updated: May 21


I used to believe in evolution. There are numerous reasons why I stopped believing in this theory (it's called a theory, a hypothesis, for a reason).

When I started to question evolution and looked at the world with fresh eyes, common sense took over; I looked at the huge array of birds, sea life, mammals, plants, trees etc ... and thought these beautiful, complex things must have a creator. A watch with all its mechanisms doesn't just make itself and it's far, far less complex than what comprises a living being.

I then thought how structured the world is:

  • The four seasons

  • 12 months in 1 year

  • Planets and their alignment

  • Night and day

  • 24 hours in the day

God has organized the universe perfectly. This, common sense tells me, couldn't have just created itself from a 'Big Bang'.

All I can say about those who choose to believe the Big Bang is: who created the universe before the Big Bang? There is a creator. We to God are the equivalent in intelligence of an insect to us. How can we think we know all the secrets of the universe. A lot of scientific theory has been proven false over time.

As a computer has a chip and is created by man, so all living beings have DNA and complexities that only an intelligent designer could have made. The world is far too complex, aesthetically pleasing and structured to have created itself out of a Big Bang and to have evolved out of nothing.


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